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Welcome to Brownie Blues! My name is Arva Abbas, and I’m the founder of Brownie Blues, the place where you’ll find the tastiest, freshest, most delectable home-baked treats in the UAE. I’m committed to keeping the ‘frownies’ at bay by providing hungry sweet-loving customers with the world’s best brownies!

While I’d love to take credit for creating the 10 unique recipes used to create our gourmet brownies, the fact is that I owe my success to my beloved sister Nishrin, a talented, loving woman who introduced me to the unique recipe that is behind every Brownie Blues brownie.

Nishrin inspired my passion for business with her regular brownie deliveries sent to my children throughout the year. Our family always looked forward to those beautiful packages of mouth-water handmade treats, but the real treat came when Nishrin visited during the summertime.

During one of those memorable summer visits, Nishrin offered to give me a priceless gift – she offered to teach me how to bake the best brownies ever, using her unique recipe! I embraced the chance to learn how to create those perfect, chocolate-filled treats in my very own kitchen (and of course, my children were thrilled)!

My children began sharing their homemade brownies at school, and I was soon overwhelmed with requests from teachers, friends and other parents who fell in love with my unique recipe. Demand for my brownies grew, and through word of mouth, I sold over 8,000 treats from my home kitchen, and Brownie Blues was born!

During those early years, my personal contact with my each of my customers gave me the chance to experiment with special requests, leading to the development of all 10 unique flavors offered by Brownie Blues.


At the urging of my family, friends and loyal customers, I decided it was time to embrace my passion for business and transform my unique recipe into a thriving, fun company. After countless prototypes and package designs, Brownie Blues was born!

I’m proud to bring the UAE’s best brownies to chocolate lovers of all ages through our stores and this website, and I look forward to hearing from you. Whether you have an idea for a new Brownie Blues flavor, a story to share about how your family enjoys my unique recipe, or a suggestion about where we should open our next Brownie Blues store, drop us a line!