Have you resolved to break your sweet tooth this coming year? Before you decide, let us try to lure you into the most delicious dessert haven. Check out these 3 decadent desserts before the new year and start the holiday season with a party for your mouth!

White Chocolate Truffles
Sweet, nutty, fruity and outright decadent, white chocolate truffles is the royal man’s dessert. Despite being rich and nuanced in flavour, white chocolate truffles are surprisingly easy to make. If you want to make it at home for Christmas and share it with your loved ones, here is a simple recipe.

400 grams of white chocolate
1/4th cup of cream
1/4th cup of chopped hazelnuts (roasted)
1 cup of shredded coconut
1 teaspoon of orange zest

• Melt the cream and white chocolate in a bowl using the double boiler method and stir it gently till it becomes thick, smooth and glossy. Allow it to reach room temperature.
• Add hazelnuts and orange zest and mix it well.
• Place it in the refrigerator for a few hours to allow it to set.
• Once the truffle mixture has set, work them into small bite sized balls.
• Place the shredded coconut in a different bowl and gently roll the truffle balls till it is fully coated.
• Set the truffles in a tray and allow it to cool in the refriedgerator for few more hours. Serve chilled!

Dark Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream
When you think of the words decadent, rich and succulent – nothing beats chocolate. Especially in the form of dark chocolate brownies! If you think there is no way to improve upon this simple and classic dish, you are wrong. Try the sizzling brownie recipe at a restaurant or in your home and let your taste buds revel in paradise. Top your favourite store bought or homemade chocolate brownie with a generous scoop of ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and nuts! This classic combination is a favourite because it never runs out of style.

Opera Cake
Opera cakes are as artistic and dramatic as they sound. Containing multiple layers, this decadent dessert is named after Paris Grand Opera when it debuted in the early 20th century. This gorgeous cake has three layers of almond cake soaked in coffee syrup, one layer of bittersweet chocolate ganache, one layer of espresso butter cream and topped with chocolate glaze. With a burst of flavour with every bite, this mouth watering delicacy is a must try for this holiday season. Go ahead, treat yourself!

If this doesn’t break your resolve to stay away from desserts, you win!

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